Premium London Dry Gin

Pink 47 is a premium gin with 47% alcohol by volume. It’s this higher level of alcohol that enables Pink 47 to capture the botanical flavours of a traditional London Dry Gin with a premium taste.

The Pink 47 botanicals include Italian Juniper berries that give the classic foundation, supported by two different types of angelica and two corianders. Citrus fruits and almonds from Spain are expertly balanced with West African nutmeg and several exotic spices from the Orient.

“Lovely gin, bought for a gift and well received, very unique flavour and lovely presentation bottle”


The perfect Gin for a gift, drinks with friends and/or cocktails

The making of Pink 47 Gin

PINK 47’s Crystal clear in appearance and superior smooth flavour is created during the 4 stage distillation process. The first 3 distillations produce the highest possible quality of alcohol, which exceeds the requirements of the EU Spirit Regulations. The 47% ABV provides the strong smooth backbone to Pink 47’s full complex flavour, then during the fourth distillation the botanical’s are added. The higher level of alcohol captures and holds the botanical essence, creating a full and complex, strong and smooth flavour and a crisp compelling finish.

Pink 47 is produced in small batches using a traditional ‘pot still’. This is so that the mix, quality, temperature and all the other variables can be carefully monitored and controlled to consistently produce the distinctive PINK 47 taste.  Winner of 13 International spirit awards.

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