BLUE 42 is a highly distinctive, smooth, luxury vodka presented in our unique diamond shaped bottle.

Made from English wheat, three times distilled, triple filtered and at 42% ABV. it is strong and smooth, without a trace of harshness.

We set our expert distillers the challenge of producing a vodka that would equal our renowned PINK 47 in excellence. The result is a beautifully smooth and luxurious vodka that highlights the care taken during its production.

“Vodka is smooth and doesn’t leave a nasty after taste. Added to my favourite vodka list”

Blue 42 Pink blue 970 x 600

The Perfect Frozen Diamond, store in the freezer to enhance the smooth flavour. Present your iced diamond bottle and pour to the wonder of guests and then delight them with the super premium vodka taste. Every bottle comes with our free bottle light to make your iced diamond glitter and sparkle on those extra special evenings. Winner of the International Spirits Challenge Silver Medal.

The perfect vodka for the most elegant of occasions.

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