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Independent creators of fine spirits.

Pink 47 with glass
OSA Fine Spirits has been creating commercially successful alcohol brands since 1969. Diamond Spirits is the next evolution to OSA’s Spirit portfolio.

Sarah Gorton – Marketing Manager was frustrated that the majority of the spirits OSA produced felt like they were directed at men, so in 2008 set out to design a range of spirits specifically targeted at a different demographic.

The idea was to design a product tailored to the tastes and ideals she believed missing from the range, which as a busy working mum, were of cherished nights out, or simply inviting friends over for an evening of fun, cocktails, and laughter. 

As part of this journey she approached Joanne Moore, one of the only female Master Distillers, to develop a drink distilled with smooth textures for a females often more delicate, discerning palate.

The brief was to create a drink suited to making premium cocktails, so it was recommended that it be distilled to 47% abv. This higher-level of alcohol captures and holds the botanical flavours far longer, allowing them to be subtly released during the cocktail making process or when mixed with premium tonic.

Having created such a special Gin, none of the available ‘stock’ bottles felt appropriate, so taking inspiration from her engagement ring, Sarah appointed a crystal glass designer to produce the bespoke 70cl Diamond bottle. After all.… “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”

Pink 47 with glass
Pink 47 London Dry Gin was born.

The success of Pink 47, which included Tesco Spirit of the Year 2008, and 13 International Spirit Awards, encouraged OSA to continuing their investment to expand the Diamond Spirits range, which now includes a Vibrant Pink Gin – Pink Royal, and a Luxuriously Smooth Clear Vodka – Blue 42. Today over 30,000 Diamond bottles are produced filled and distributed every month.

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